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Business services
We're specialists in business-to-business communications, ready to help you:

• Generate interest in your product
• Shape perceptions of your business
• Strengthen your market position
• Broaden awareness of your advantages

We'll help you develop just the right words for the most appropriate media to reach your business objectives. To accomplish this goal, we base our approach on your audience, your positioning and strategy, and your sales cycle. The point is to capitalize on every opportunity to shape the market knowledge and perception of your company and its products or services.

Abian, Inc. offers you a seasoned team of professional marketing writers, able to work as an extension of your marketing communications organization — or as a surrogate marcom group if you need one.

You see, our in-house specialty is writing, and many times that's all you need. But when you're looking for a complete solution from an organization that can just pick up the ball and run with it, count on Abian, Inc. We work with a broad range of designers, Flash and Web developers, PowerPoint specialists, photographers, project managers, and other creative professionals every day. We can assemble a complete project team, providing you with a single point of contact and simplified billing. Or, we'll be happy to just provide a reference if you care to work with each creative provider individually.

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