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Agency and design firms
Abian, Inc. works closely with design and advertising agencies, as well as other full-service marketing communications firms. So when you're in need of a professional copywriter to meet a client's demanding needs, call on Abian, Inc. to deliver.

Copy is a difficult area to staff in-house. It's essential that the writer deeply understand the subject matter and have the skill to articulate the key messages associated with that subject — clearly and concisely. Plus, you need a writer who can tailor copy to the appropriate media and business audience.

Our copywriters offer a broad range of skills and experience; that's certainly an advantage. But what's more, we manage all copy through a central "check point" to ensure the highest quality and consistency for your communications project. It is quality and consistency that sets Abian, Inc. apart.

Our writing team offers knowledge and experience in the following markets

• information technology
• electronic commerce
• finance and insurance
• health care
• hospitality
• retail
• manufacturing
• state and local government

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